Ashesi University College – Graduating Class of a New Generation of Citizens and Future Leaders of Africa

Cultivate Generations of Good Citizens

We are driven by the belief that Ghana and Africa’s problems can be solved by inspired and enlightened Ghanaians or Africans. Our goal is to invest in education that engenders an evolutionary and generational change in cultural and societal conduct that can produce future leaders who will make it their life’s work to transform the African continent, and humanity with it.

champion and support education

We shall champion and support education that will imbue the youth and future generations of Ghanaians and Africans in general with the following cultural and personal character traits that commonly promote and underpin successful and rich countries in the world today:

  • Ethics, as basic principles.
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • The love for work and focus on outcomes
  • The desire and habit to plan for and invest in the future
  • Punctuality; the respect for time and the high value placed on time.
  • Integrity.
  • Respect for Laws and Regulations.
  • The effort to save and invest.
  • Believe in and pursuit of incremental progress.
  • The will to be productive.

Teaching our youth the role and relationships amongst nations in the world community shall inform them and hopefully motivate their inclination to be good citizens of their countries.

Ashesi University College – Educating a New Generation of Citizens and Leaders to Transform Africa

Our mission is to educate and motivate new generations of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; to cultivate critical thinking skills, love of country, concern for others and the courage necessary to transform Africa in future generations of Ghanaians and Africans in general.

Program Areas

Our program areas include:

– Financial and other support for the development and implementation of educational curriculum,targeted to achieve our stated mission, at all levels of education for the youth.

– Financial support to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged children who would otherwise not be able to afford the needed education.


We offer grants for:

– Curriculum development and implementation.
– Scholarships for disadvantaged and needy youth.